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Hi there! I know you are looking for the road map to building an online business that will actually work. I understand. I was there too, not all that long ago. My name is Howie Johnson and I have been an “aspiring” online entrepreneur since the late 1990s. I enjoyed working my IT jobs for quite a while and then I just cracked and wanted to have my own online business. That breaking point happened in 2007 when I wanted to jump out of my corporate gig and work a side business full time. I just happened to pick a year just before the “Great Recession” hit and my jumping out of corporate became really interesting.

I’ve learned some crazy lessons along the way. I can tell you it’s been a wild ride. But I started this website and blog to really give back to other entrepreneurs who are serious about building an online business that thrives. I hope you enjoy my blog posts and they help you along on your own journey. You can reach out to me on my contact page.

If you landed here, make sure you begin on the home page where I discuss the 4 things you must do to get started with a true online business.

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