7 Ways To Leverage The Internet To Make Some Bones Online

The internet. Some use it to watch YouTube videos and look at cat pictures, while for others, it’s an important source of income (or even their main one). There’s loads of ways to leverage the internet to make money online – if you know what you’re doing. Here’s 7 of the most commonly used ones.

  1. Facebook ads: These are a tremendously popular way for local businesses to expand their client base. Facebook will show them only to people inside the demographic of your choosing, letting you control who sees your content. When used right, it can greatly boost your income, considering Facebook’s billion-something users – there’s a good chance every client you’ve ever had or will have uses the site.
  2. Google ads: If you thought Facebook has a lot of users, how about Google? It’s safe to say that everyone in the world with censor-free internet uses Google and sees their ads. The way they work is a bit different – instead of paying for a certain amount of views, you pay only when someone clicks (although conversion won’t play a role).
  3. Viral marketing: With creativity, you can use the internet to launch a viral campaign that will potentially get hundreds of thousands of people interested in you and what you’re offering.
  4. Advertising on your website: While not always common practice, especially with larger businesses, you set up pay-per-click or similar forms of advertising on your business website (or any other that you own). That way, you’ll potentially earn money whenever someone clicks on the ads, regardless of whether they end up using your services or not.
  5. Newsletters: Often underestimated by business owners, newsletters are a great way of letting your clients know about new deals and promotional offers. Most business websites automatically sign up every new client to their newsletter, and many customers will choose not to unsubscribe so they can stay in touch with what you’re offering. This is your chance to get them to do business with you again!
  6. YouTube videos: In the article intro, we’ve seemingly looked down on YouTube and its users. In actuality, it’s a great site that lets both casual creators and business owners interact with a worldwide audience in an unique way. While this could fall under the ‘viral marketing’ category, it doesn’t have to – YouTube is your chance to make captivating videos and draw people to your brand. Plus, you can slap a couple of ads on your vids and make a little money on the side, too.
  7. Having a great website: We’ve saved the best for last. If you own a business, few things will put your internet leads off as much as a lack of proper website will. Conversely, a professional-looking and easy to use website will give people a way to learn more about your product – they can also get in touch with you more easily. Competition is stiff in this day and age, and you simply can’t afford to have anything but an aesthetic and fully-functional business website if you want to succeed.