5 Great Internet Driven Real-World Businesses

5 Great Internet Driven Real-World Businesses You Can Start With Low Capital

Depending on how you look at it, starting a business has never been easier, or more difficult. While the internet has made it possible for people with minimal assets to start their own successful company, it also created a highly competitive environment where everyone is looking to get their own slice of the pie. Still, with some dedication and the right idea, you won’t need big bucks to become a self-supporting business owner. Here are 5 examples of great internet-driven real word businesses you can start with low capital. I know, you don’t clean your own carpets, why would you want to start a carpet cleaning business… hang tight.

  1. A repair shop. More vehicles and a lot more electronics popping up all the time means there’s an ever-increasing need for quality repairmen. This is one of the cheapest businesses to run – you only need capital for spare parts and some tools. Even the business space is optional, as you can run this enterprise from your own backyard (although you probably won’t look all that professional if doing so). But there’s one intangible here that will make or break your business – your know-how. If you’re great at what you do, you should be able to make a nice living repairing things with the help of a little business savvy. But if you aren’t, get ready to be blacklisted real soon, so tread carefully. Think smartphone and tablet repair… This one can even be mobile.
  1. A restaurant with delivery. If people search for repair shops on the internet, you can bet they use it to order food as well. A food-serving establishment is an easy way to make money once you get the ball rolling – a few tables are all you’ll need in terms of accommodation if you choose to place emphasis on delivery. Make sure that your website is functional and has an easy-to-use interface, too. As is the case with the previous suggestion, talent is all that matters here (well, aside from keeping things sanitary) – if you’re a great chef or know people who fit this description, you’ll have more orders than you can handle once word starts spreading.

  1. Carpet cleaning business. Many carpet cleaning businesses make their bread on the internet because a lot of their customers make the call due to an emergency of some sort. If the clock was ticking, would you rather look for the yellow pages or type ‘help cleaning carpet’ in Google? While talent isn’t as important to succeed here, be ready for a lot of hard work on your way to establishing your brand.
  1. Floristry-related business. If you’re a floral magician, you can make a lot of money delivering bouquets and flower arrangements of your own making. If not, you can always partner with local florists and handle the brokering, while taking a good chunk of the profits. Seeds and soil are easy to come by – less so in the case of a green thumb or business smarts.
  1. Garden care. If you’re not all that adept at making plants grow, perhaps you’d prefer simply trimming them. Most garden care businesses don’t have headquarters in the real world, just a web page and word of mouth. Yet these are often enough to net you more clients than you can handle. You also won’t need much in terms of capital, and expansion is easy once the money starts rolling in.